CWOps Intermediate Session 1

I started the CWOps Intermediate Class on Monday Jan 4th, 2021. My goal is to post something every week detailing my progress, lessons learned and probably setbacks.

My basic class was completed in Nov 2020. I’ve maintained my daily practice sessions, and am doing well so far in this class. For example I’m up to 26 WPM in Morse Runner (Pile Up / No options enabled), and peak out in the low 30’s in RutzXP. I’m also participating in the SST, some CWT’s, and occasional CW contest. Mostly S&P, but have been know to RUN if the stars align.

Morse Runner, Pile up mode

You can find the class assignments -> here, and the practice files -> here.

Session 1, Days 1- 3:

Lesson learned.

  • Stay focused on the code being sent in the practice files. Don’t tinker with your radio or day dream. If you miss the first two letters of a word, it is most likely gone.
  • Remember you are learning how to do this or that. Dropping down to 13WPM gives your brain time to process the letters, build a word, and put the sentence together.

Instructor notes:

  • If you make an error sending, send three short dits, then wait for a full two seconds before sending the correct word.
  • If you mess up the word again, do not send the dits. Wait two seconds and go for it again.
  • Start each training QSO (Online) with three V’s.
  • Spent some time going through Morse Runner and its oddities. For example, I didn’t know you could change the RIT if a station is off frequency.
  • Use CwGet during sending practice to see how you are doing.



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