CWOps Intermediate Session 2

Well session 2 is in the books.

Made some progress this week, but realized that I’m still getting distracted with other Ham Radio stuff. Specifically tinkering with my new radio, and contests.

The major distraction was setting up for the NAQPCW contest. Mind you, nothing is wrong with contesting but it consumed way to much time. Just this week I added a Winkeyer III, a line from the headphone jack to the computer Line In, hooking my FTDX 3000 back up (For SO2R). I easily spent over 20 hours tinkering with stuff instead of studying.

So, with that in mind I’m going to forgo contests until the class is done. Well not completely, I’ll still try to get on SST every week. Its only an hour, and the station is already setup for it.

Ok, on to the update.

Day 1:

  • Sending the Warm up and Drill at 26 WPM. Still making some errors, but that is expected.
  • My Morse Runner verified score was 30 @ 25WPM. RutzXP score was 8230 with a max speed of 34.

Day 2:

  • Had to slow down to 13 WPM to copy 70+ percent of the short story and QSO.
  • Per the advisor, the goal is to learn the words. Not speed.

Day 3:

  • Continued sending practice at 26WPM. Also started using CW Get to check my sending and spacing.
  • My Morse Runner verified score was 32 at WPM. RutzXP was 8951 with a max speed of 35 WPM.

Session 2, Day 3 Morse Runner

I also started tracking my progress on a spreadsheet. Here is what I have to date.

Some observations and advisor inputs

  • RutzXP and Morse Runner are windows applications. You will need to figure out how to run these on a Mac (Using Wine) or Linux.
  • You will need some keyboard skills to be remotely successful with these applications.
  • The advisor recommended the CW practice speed should match the speed that you can RX. His logic is you are training your ear to hear what is on the air. A word at 25 WPM sounds different than at 13.

That’s enough for now. Time to dig into Session 3.

73, Dana

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