CWOps Intermediate Class Session 4

We another week in the books. Still making some progress, but there is plenty more to do.

Day 1:

  • Did really well with RutzXP with score of 10,000 and a top speed of 31.
  • Morse Runner was 36 verified with at 26 WPM.

Day 2:

  • No major issues with the Short Story or QSO. But do need focus on the first few letters of the word.

Day 3:

  • RutzXP score was 8772 at 29 WPM.
  • Morse Runner was 31 verified at 26 WPM

Notes from the advisor.

  • Reviewed how to run Morse Runner for training. This includes the basic Single Call mode, and using it to work on memory skills.
  • He reiterated that one of the goals at this point is to take words from the big unknown bucket and move them into the smaller known word bucket. The smaller bucket will get bigger over time. We must be patient.

I record a video about how to use Morse Runner for single call training.

Until next week.


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