CWOps Intermediate class update

Sorry for not updating my progress over the past few weeks. Let’s just say I was busy and leave it at that.

We are up to Session 11 now, and the speeds are slowly rising. The advisor keeps reminding us that the goal is to learn words. I’ve found that knowing the words by sound gives me more time to figure out new words, and keep track of the gist of the QSO.

The class assignment has us listening to the Short Stories at 18, but I’ve started listening to them several times at 25, then 20 before trying to keep track of the words for the report.

I activated a POTA site yesterday on CW and absolutely noticed an improvement in my receiving and sending. Heck I even picked up a couple of Park to Parks (P2P) contacts. I ended up with 40 CW and 12 Phone contacts. Not terrible considering the QSB on 20 and the fact that I was using a Hustler RMS-20 on the truck. One treat was working one of my class mates from Alberta. He was running QRP into an EFHW.

My best RutzXP Toplist sits at 6188, but are averaging around 5000. Those darned double slash call signs drive me nuts.

The Morse Runner scores are staying fairly consistent. I’m currently running the single call mode at 27 WPM with QRN. My average over the last weeks is about 32. Not to bad. I’ll probably stay at 27, but add QRM in the next week or so.


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