CWOps Intermediate class – Done

Well I finally finished my CWOps intermediate class last week.

To be honest it was starting to get to me, especially when we started on the 25 WPM QSO’s and Short Stories.

Basically I listened to both several times at 25, then at 20 so could get the gist of each one. But no pain, no gain right?

I talked to my Advisor about it (as did the other classmates). He made a point of discussing this during our last session. The net net being, we really didn’t have our Instant Character Recognization (ICR) down. Made sense to me.

He suggested using RutzXP improve ICR. Essentially set the mode to Training, select Letters / Figures (numbers), with a speed of 30 WPM. Also set the Group Length to 3 (to start), and the Number of Groups per attempt to 50.

Start the session, then head copy all three characters before typing them in. Besides helping with ICR, it also helps with copying behind.

I’ve tried it a few times and did some improvement. I’ll continue to update my progress in this regard.

Now as for my final personal assessment. My goals where solid 20 WPM conversational speed, and mid 20’s for contest mode. My conversational goal is questionable. I can do 20 or so if the sender has a good fist, little if any QRM/N or QSB. Otherwise I’m pretty comfortable at 18 under normal conditions.

As for contest mode, I think I exceeded my goal. Just last week I pulled down S&P 35 contacts on the mid day CWT. Plus I’m running about 40 (Run) for the Sunday SST. Plus I can handle a busy POTA activation at 17 WPM, with a solid 60 Q’s per hour.

My plan is to not take any more classes until this fall or early next year. This will give me time to apply what I’ve learned, plus work on my long list of to do’s.

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