W7Y (NN0G) for 2022 7QP

I will be operating as W7Y for the upcoming 7QP contest on May 7th 2022 from Guernsey State Park WY (DN72). I’ll be the air starting around 0000 May 6th.

The 2021 7QP was a first in several way. First it was my first portable contesting effort. Added to that it was the first contest where I would primarily be running CW.

And if that wasn’t enough I was the first to activate POTA K-3298 and K-6114 (Oregon Trail Ruts State Historic Site).

Preliminary operating schedule.

  • May 6th:
    • 0000 – 0200. CW on 20 and 40
    • 1200 – 1500. FT4/FT8
    • 2100 – 2359. CW/Phone
  • May 7th:
    • 0000 – 0200. CW/Phone
    • 1300 – 2359. 7QP. CW
  • May 8th:
    • 0000 – 0200. CW
    • 1200 – 1500. FT8/CW/SSB

The rig setup consists of an FTDX-10, POTA Hex, and 10-40 EFHW. Heck I may even setup the FT891 and run S02R for 7QP (Dana you are nuts!).

Please feel free to email me if you would like to schedule a contact. I’ll do my best to work with you. I’ll also have my Allstar node with me. I will also be monitoring the K0PRA repeater network. Their Allstar node ID is 410460. My node is 54516, but it is doubtful my internet will allow inbound access.

I’m not planning on returning to Oregon trail ruts again this year, but intend to focus my efforts on K-3298.

Guernsey State Park is WWFF also (didn’t know that last year). WWFF site KFF-3298.

I’ll upload the logs to LOTW, POTA, and WWFF by May 15th.

Those sending paper QSL’s should do so with SASE. I’ll get some custom W7Y QSL cards printed up. I need to get some new pictures to make it pretty.

You may also monitor my progress at https://acme.nn0g.blog. It should display the current operating frequency, contact count, and a map with the last 10 hours of contacts.

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